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Guidelines for PSG members (PSGm)



Punctuality & Dependability


Please be on time. Make it a priority, as the school day and class periods are set for specific times. Give ample notice to your Coordinator if you cannot keep to your scheduled time. 



1. Presence in the School Compound


PSGm must not remain in the teaching block (libraries, classrooms, staff rooms and any other teaching areas) outside your scheduled volunteer time. If you need to be in school, seek permission from the school through your Coordinator.


  • Sign In/Out

Sign in and obtain a security sticker at the guard post outside the General Office, as we need to know who is in the building and where to locate you in case of an emergency. Wear the psg sticker prominently while you are in school.


Sign out by returning the security sticker at the guard post outside the General Office.


  • Parking

PSGm are welcome to park in the school when you are on duty. Please follow the directions of the guards to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.


  • Use of the Canteen

Parents (whether on duty or not) should refrain from bringing outside food for their daughters during recess.


2. Interacting with Students


  • Student Discipline

Discipline is the responsibility of the class teacher or Principal. PSGm should only maintain order in their group or activity. Please report any problems with a student's behaviour to the staff or your Coordinator.


  • Contact with Students

At no time should PSGm be totally isolated with a child. Work in areas which are open to supervision by school staff.


PSGm may not have access to students' permanent record files, diagnose student needs, evaluate achievement, counsel students or discuss student progress with parents. Should there be an issue of concern, PSGm should bring the matter directly to school staff.





Confidential information, ie personal particulars, academic performance, behaviour, disciplinary actions, home experiences, email addresses and telephone numbers, can only be used for communications relating to volunteer matters only.


PSGm are not allowed to discuss teacher, student or school affairs with others, including your own children or family.





1. Dress & Behaviour

Be responsible for presenting a good image and setting a good example for the students. Dress neatly, modestly and decently, and use respectful and proper language and conduct.


2. Use of Handphones

For an optimum learning environment, all handphones must be switched to silent mode whilst in school. If necessary, please keep phone conversation away from classroom and learning areas.


3. Communication with Teachers and Staff

Any PSGm interested in their own child's progress must speak with the class teacher and not other members. However, please do not interrupt a lesson. Please make an appointment by either calling or emailing ahead of time.

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