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Dear Parents,


In SCGS, we endeavour to provide our pupils with a rich, balanced and holistic education so as to develop them to be capable women of character and relevance. To achieve this, partnership with parents is important and we thank you for considering how you can play a part in the holistic development of our pupils through the SCGS Parent Support Group (PSG). 


The involvement of our parents makes it possible for the school to run a wide range of enriching programmes for our pupils so that they can discover their interests and talents, and develop a love for learning. The interactions between our parents and pupils during the activities are also opportunities for our pupils to learn life skills, hone important competencies such as communication and critical thinking, and cultivate sound values. Through your role modelling, we hope that our pupils will also learn to contribute to the community like our parents do.


Research has shown that parental involvement in school has many benefits for the child and the parents, besides having benefits for the school. Through your involvement in PSG activities, you will have the opportunity to build shared experiences with your daughter, strengthening the parent-child bonds. You will also develop friendships that support your parenting journey. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the SCGS PSG and being part of your daughter’s journey in SCGS. Together, let us nurture each girl to be a “Kim Gek”, a capable woman of character and relevance who contributes meaningfully to the community in a rapidly evolving world. 


Mrs Linda Chan


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